Ragam: Sindhu Bhiravi Thalam:Adi

Arohanam:  N2 S G2 M1 S R1 G2 M1 D1 N2 S
Avarohanam:  S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

bansIvAlE nE man MOhA

antar 1
bOlI bOlE mIthI lAgE dardar umaNg bharAvE

antar 2
byn bAjAvE tAnan gAvE nisdin gOpiyA rijhAvE

antar 3
sAvrO rang mOhinI angsumiran tan kI bhUlAvE

antar 4
kAlindIkE tIr thAdhE mOhan bAnsurI bajAvE

antar 5
padmanAbh prabhu dInabandhu suRnaR caraN manAvE


By playing flute melodiously, he attracts the mind.
By sweet word, he captivates everybody.
By singing and playing flue he makes Gopikas happy all the time, day and night.
Thinking about him, of his cloud-like tan and handsome figure, Gopikas forget themselves.
They stand on the bank of river Kalindi, listening to the captivating music from the flute of Krishna.
Lord Padmanabha is a friend to weaker ones, protects all the people.