Raghukula tilakamayi

Ragam: Bhairavi Thalam: Adi

Arohanam:S R2 G2 M1 P D2 N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R2 S

raghukula tilakamayi bhajAnishamiha rAmacandram amalam

agha haraNa catura yugaLam amalamimita guNam lOka nikara sharaNam

caranam 1
rAmam nija tanu ruci vihasita kAmam paripUrita natajana
kAmam mukha nindita pArvaNa sOmam su-lalAmam bhrugu
rAma garva hAriNa muru mauktikadAma lasitam arisamudaya palam

caranam 2
nIlam kanaka ruci mada haraNa cElam parijana pavanaja naLa
nIlam asitALaka parivrta phAlam sukhapOlam sura
jAla khEda nAsahana paTutama mativEla vivashajana samudAya pAlam

caranam 3
bhUpam karatala vilasita shara cApam ghana sangara darshita
kOpam sanakAdi hrdayAlaya dIpam dhUtapApam kama
lAbham abja nAbhamakrta su-krta durApam IkSaNa hatAshrita tApam


I always worship the gem of the Raghu lineage in this existence.  He is Ramachandra, the immaculate one!
Your feet are adroit in removing great sorrows.  Oh most pure Lord of inexhaustible virtues! You are the refuge of all the worlds.
The glory of your form surpasses that of Cupid.  You fulfill the desires of all your devotees.  The beauty of your face puts to shame that of the full moon.  On your forehead shines the mark.  You subdued the pride of Parasurama.  On your chest shines the strings of lustrous pearls.  You are the formidable one to your foes.
Oh, dark one!  You are draped in lovely robes, which subdue the pride of even gold.  You are attended upon by Anjaneya, Nala, and Nila.  Rich dark curls frame your forehead.  You posses lovely cheeks.  You are the most competent in allaying the fears of celestials.  You are the redeemer of countless devotees steeped in miseries.
You are the emperor holding in your powerful hands the bow and arrow.  Your wrath becomes apparent during terrible wars.  You are the light that shines in the venerable hearts of sages such as Sanaka.  You drive away evil.  Your form is like the blue lotus and you are unattainable to the wicked.  Oh, Padmanabha!  yo expeditiously remove with your mere kind glance the sins of the supplicating devotees.