Mahipale pyare

Ragam: Purvi Thalam: Roopakam

Araohanam : S R1 G3 M2 D1 N3 S
Avarohanam: S N3 D1 P M2 G3 R1 S

mahIpAl pyArE TErI bA surI kI dhun
mErO man har lInO duhkh dInO nandanandana (mahipal)

muralI Dhun kInhO lOk kO adhInO
tErO rE svarUp dhyAn lAvE dEv vrndan (mahipal)

mOr piNch rAjE mAyE mOtIyan bisAl Mal
bhAl SOhE lAl kEsariyA candan (mahipal)

padmanAbh dInanAth mAyA tErIjAnE kaun
jAnE nahi Suraj candr mOhE kAm phandan (mahipal)


Oh the lord of the universe, the dear one.  The melody of your flute captivates my heart.  The son of Nanda, the savior of dejected ones.  You enslaved all the three worlds by the melody of your flute.  The meditation of your form brings bliss to all the celestials.  Your head is adorned with peacock feathers; on your neck lies pearl necklaces.  On your broad forehead shines the saffron Tilak.  Oh lord, Padmanabha, the lord of hapless ones, who can understand your exploits which is like the illusion between the sun and the moon that one cannot comprehend.