Aye giridhar dvare

Ragam: Sindhu Bhairavi Thalam: Adi

Arohanam:S R2 G2 M1 P D2 N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R2 S

AyE girdhar dvArE mErE gOrI

caranam 1
amjan adhar lalAT mahAbar nayan unInde cal AyE
rayan samay prabhu chal bal karikE kaun tiyA ku birmAyE

caranam 2
bin guN mAl virAjat hiya mem drDha gal baiyA sukh pAyE
brajA nArI ku bancan karkE kaisE prItam sukh pAyE

caranam 3
sOlA singAr kari phUlan kE hAr liyE vividh sugandh sE man bhAyE
baiThI thI mO man kE sAthI kumud sarOvar kumhAlayE

caranam 4
sukh kE kAran dukh kE nivAran madhuvan murali dhun gAyE
padmanAbh prabhu phaNi parashAyI kOTi mAyan tan chavi chAvE


Oh, Gouri! white complexioned! Lord Giridhar came to my doorsteps!
He has come with sleepless eyes with the dried colloquium, with Mahabur on his forehead.  Who knows about how he tempted a lady the previous night and left her in the lurch.  On his chest lies the thread of the garland, which shows that he had been in a tight embrace before coming here.
How can he be happy by jilting the love of the damsel from the land of Vraj!  I had taken great pains to dress up for him and was waiting with a garland of exotic hued flowers!  I had anointed myself with a great many fragrant perfumes.  My dear, the lotus of the pond had wilted still he did not come.
He played on the flute, the melody of that gave me happiness and relief from misery.  He, the lord Padmanabha, reclining on the serpent, has the beauty of crores of Cupids.