Ragam: Ghanta Thalam: Adi

Arohanam:S G2 R2 M1 P N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

kamala nayana jagadIshvara kamalA kAmukha mAm pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 1
cAmikara ghana garva haraNa caNa cAru vasana pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 2
sAmaja parivrDha tApa sushamana jalajAsananuta pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 3
vihaga vara gamana dEva nigamatati vEdya carita pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 4
danuja kulamathana dIna sharNya bhava tArakapada pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 5
girivaradhara phaNivarya shayana khEda shamana pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 6
jaladharanibhakAya rucirAnka vilasita carana jalaja pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 7
madana janaka maNi paTala kacitavara makuTa lasita pari pAhi vibhO!

caranam 8
natajana bhayahara vidhumukha shrI padmanAbha pari pAhi vibhO!


Oh, lotus-eyed Lord of the universe! Beloved consort of Lakshmi! Please protect me.
One who is wearing such beautiful clothes that can outshine the glitter of gold.
One who removed the miseries of the king elephant and the one worshiped by Brahma.
One who sports the king of birds - Garuda - as a vehicle and can be understood through the Vedas
One who destroyed the demon communities is the refuge of the hapless and whose feet help to cross the ocean of Samsara.
One who is holding the mountain in hand, who is relaxing on the serpent-king, and who arrests the worries of the celestials.
One whose form is like rain-laden clouds and has lotus-like feet.
One who is the father of Cupid, adorning the most attractive crown studded with rows of gems.
One who allays the fear of his devotees. May lord Padmanabha whose face resembles the moon protects us with joy.